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Keeping machines running consistently, that's the Harrigan way.

Harrigan Solutions was founded on a simple principle: Help manufacturers become more efficient and more profitable. We all know that sometimes that’s easier said than done. Hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanicals and controls all need to be maintained, but that requires shutting machines down and personnel on hand to do maintenance. Downtime means the machines aren’t working, and you’re losing money. Personnel means you have staff either sitting around waiting to service machines, check and change fluids, or pulled off other jobs to do it, which also comes at an expense.

Of course, if preventative maintenance is postponed or ignored, then machine breakdowns are inevitable, and how much will that cost you?

Founded by Bill Harrigan, a leader in the metalworking fluids manufacturing field, Harrigan Solutions primary goals are to address preventative maintenance strategies, upkeep and staffing so you don’t have to. Our fully trained staff and leadership work with you to develop and implement a preventative maintenance plan, then – through on-demand scheduling or on-site staffing placement – efficiently execute all PM services on a schedule that minimizes machine downtime and maximizes profitability.

The results are undeniable. Fewer breakdowns, more efficient operations, and so on. Well maintained machines are more profitable machines. That’s the Harrigan way!

Solving the Skills Gap

The old guys are retiring, and there's nobody who can replace them. Now what?

Many of our customers have expressed a very specific staffing concern: They have guys in their shop who have been around for years and can fix everything, but they’re getting ready to retire and there’s nobody out there who can replace them. It’s called the skills gap. Technical and trade programs, as good as they are, teach students how to run diagnostics and replace parts, not maintain machinery and keep things running. That kind of knowledge comes not from schooling, but from years of experience.

Harrigan is your solution for the skills gap. For more than 25 years, Harrigan Solutions has provided hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and control maintenance for the metalworking, liquid process, chemical processing and oil & gas industries. Through on-demand or on-site staffing assignment, our team has the experience you need to develop and implement a preventative maintenance plan while performing all of the upkeep. With Harrigan Solutions, your search for experience is over.

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