Harrigan Keeps You Operating Smoothly

You might not realize it, but your company is in a race. Pitted against stiff competition, you put the pedal to the metal every day, squeezing every ounce of performance out of your machines. But those machines are what could ultimately keep you from getting to the checkered flag first. Harrigan keeps your machines running smoothly so you don't have to worry about breakdowns, stoppages and lost production time.

The Harrigan Difference

A well maintained machine is an efficient, profitable machine. But who has the time and personnel to change fluids or perform regular maintenance? That’s where Harrigan Solutions comes in. Our team of fully-trained preventative maintenance personnel comes in, creates or revs up your PM plan, and performs all maintenance.

From our QuickClean service - the #1 on-site, sump-side filtration service to maintain equipment performance – to preventative maintenance services for hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, control & coolant machine tool systems and our ability to provide on-site PM leadership and staff, Harrigan Solutions provides everything you need to keep your machines running consistently.

Our Employees
Training Makes the Difference

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