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  • Harrigan Solutions was founded by Bill Harrigan, the architect of a system of employee engagement that enables Harrigan to hire ordinary people and transform them into Trustworthy Teams.
  • At Harrigan Solutions, you will meet periodically with the owners of the business who are interested in understanding what success looks like to you and is interested in helping you get there.  With some help from us, our associates achieve their life goals.



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Congratulations Alfonso!

Alfonso joined Harrigan Solutions in November of 2022. When he started, he discussed his Personal Vision of Success with his Crew Chief. They worked together to achieve Alfonso's PVS of buying his own car. His Shift Team Lead, Bernardo, even went with him to help test drive the car and make sure it was a good fit. Alfonso also attends English classes, and doesn't miss a single day!

We are very proud of everything Alfonso has achieved thus far, both in his work and in his PVS. We are excited to see what the future holds for him. Congratulations Alfonso!