Schedule Time With Bill Harrigan


In this Road Map meeting, we can cover "what success looks like to you" & your journey to reach that goal.

Experience tells us that:
1) Having a plan is half the battle;
2) Reviewing it with an accountability partner helps us stay on the plan; and
3) When we stumble or fall, we get up and grow.

Perhaps there’s a need to learn financial planning, acquire a technical skill to advance, or just gain a new perspective on things (social emotional "smarts"). Together, we can find ways to help you reach your goals. I'm glad you are making time to team up and continue the journey.

For now, I'd like to chat once a month with you. Once you reserve a time for us to talk by filling out this appointment request you will receive a confirmation email. Remember to give me a call at the reserved time. Call me on my cell phone - 414-617-7537.

My best,